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70's-80's Restorations, we offer a variety of services to fit everyones requirements, to help get their pride and joy back on the road.

If the motorbike is in a poor condition then we can restore it back to original condition. If the condition is such that it doesn't justify a full rebuild then we can carry out a full mechanical overhaul. This involves stripping down the chassis, cleaning and inspecting the frame, suspension and brake systems and replacing parts required. The engine will be assessed on what action is required on an individual basis. This could mean just stripping, ultra sonically cleaning and inspecting the fuel and ignition systems, cleaning and checking the rest of the engine for any other obvious problems and correcting them. If the engine is judged to be in a poor condition or the history of it is unknown then a full strip down maybe required. Once again after it is stripped, cleaned and inspected, we can assess what work is required. We can also just rebuild engines or carry out welding or helicoiling where required. We can rebuild your cranks and rebore barrels.

We also do modifications to frames to accept different engines, suspension or wheels. We can also carry out modifications to your engine such as tuning work, adding different carbs or exhaust systems

While your motorbike is stripped down, why not have the castings or frame metal finished to bring them back to original condition or go for an individual look. We offer vapour blasting, stove enamelling and two pack painting. Other metal finishings include chroming, anodising and polishing.

If your motorbike requires servicing, new tyres, brake parts, battery lubricants etc, we can help.  

We also offer a painting service and any general fabrication.






Here at 70's-80's Restorations we offer the following services:


Full motorcycle restorations | Full mechanical overhauls | Engine modifications | Chassis modifications | Engine rebuilds | Rebores |
Crank rebuilds | Engine tuning | General fabrication | Welding | Helicoiling | Re-bushing | Ultra sonic cleaning | Stove enamelling |
Chroming | Anodising | Polishing | Engine blacking | Exhaust blacking | Paint work | Servicing | Parts